Q: What is Wind Mitigation
A: The state of Florida REQUIRES Insurance Companies to offer reduced rates on Windstorm Insurance for certain hurricane resistant features. We will inspect the features present in your home and produce a windstorm mitigation inspection report for you in order to obtain your WINDSTORM MITIGATION CREDITS from your insurance agent.

Q:What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?
A: A Wind Mitigation inspection is a valuable service that may reduce your windstorm insurance. Protecting your family and your home against wind threats can reduce your insurance rates. A Wind Mitigation inspection evaluates your roof and shutters. We also provide four point inspections including roof, electric, ventilation, and plumbing.

Q:How do I qualify for windstorm discounts?
A:Many homes permitted in Florida already qualify for a discount. Discounts are given to homeowners by the number of wind resistive features present. Location is also a factor on discount amounts. Your insurance agent can be more specific.

Q:How do I protect my home?
A:Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your home. Most hurricanes losses are due to water leakage from damaged roof. Also, shutters protect your windows and our possessions. 

Q:How much does an inspection cost? 
A:Click here for a list of our services and costs

Q:Do I need to have hurricane shutters to qualify for these discounts?
A:No. Many other construction features can also qualify.

Q:What are you going to inspect and how long does the inspection take?
A:Our licensed Inspectors will only check those items and construction features specifically listed on your insurance carrier’s windstorm mitigation form (nothing else is inspected or reported to the insurance company). Since we already work with every major insurance carrier in Florida, the odds are we already have the forms you need. The entire inspection will only take between 20 and 30 minutes at most.

Q:When do I pay you?
A:We require payment at the time of the inspection (or before).

Q:Why do I need a Valuation?
A:Valuations are required by Insurance carries to independently establish the value of replacing an insured property in the event of a loss.

Q:How much will it cost?
A:We charge $250 for properties under 5000 square feet and $350 for properties over 5000 square feet.

Q:How long will it take and what will you do?
A: A typical single family home inspection is usually completed in twenty minutes. We need to see the entire property and take several photographs so that we can document the quality of construction and any special features. 

Q:When will the Valuation Report be ready?
A:Your replacement cost valuation will be ready within twenty-four hours of our visit to your property. We will email it directly to your insurance agent and at your request will email or mail a copy to you.

Q:Can the valuation be done at the same time as any of the other inspections?
A:Yes, because we provide all the services we can schedule them at the same time, therefore saving you time and money.