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The way to reduce insurance rates is to have a safer home.  The more stable your home, the more discounts insurance companies provide.  Discounts are called Wind Mitigation discounts.  Florida Insurance Inspections, Inc., provides Wind Mitigation Inspections to single family homes, townhomes and condominiums.  We can help evaluate your home to become more wind-resistive and have lesser damage during a windstorm event.  Lesser damage equals reduced insurance costs for homeowners.  Wind Mitigation discounts are applied toward the windstorm portion of your total insurance premium.

Photography                                                                                              $85.00
Exterior, all 4 sides

Full Windstorm Inspections                                                                     $120.00

(Includes Townhomes and 2 & 3 floor Condo Units)
Also referred to as “Uniform Mitigation inspection.” The purpose of a windstorm inspection is to determine the appropriateness of a given structure’s construction in the event of strong winds such as those of a Hurricane.  One of the benefits of receiving a wind inspection is identifying the potential insurance savings available to you based on the current structure of your home. Many insurance companies provide discounts or credits for construction features proven to reduce damage from hurricanes, such as:
• Hurricane protection on all of your windows and exterior doors, such as shutters or impact resistance windows and garage doors
• A hip roof (sloped on all sides like a pyramid)
• Roof to wall connections that are installed with hurricane clips/straps. Discounts will vary depending on the type of connection such as toe nail, clips, single wraps or double wraps.
• Florida Building Code-approved roof covering. Discounts will vary depending on the type of covering such as asphalt, tile or metal
• The presence of a secondary water resistance barrier.
 The OIR-1802 (windstorm inspection form) is valid for up to 5 years provided no material changes have been made to the structure or is superseded by a revised windstorm inspection form.

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4 Point Inspection                                                                                          $120.00
(Additional unit $25.00 each)

Insurance companies want to know that four vital systems in your home have been updated and/or maintained and in good working condition. 4pt Inspections include roof, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning. The inspection goal is to determine the approximate age of each sustem and condition. Customarily, 4pt inspections are required on homes over 30 years of age. 

Roof Condition Certificate                                                                            $100.00

(Additional $50.00 with Windstorm and/or 4 Point Inspection)
Citizen insurance now requires Roof Condition Certification inspections or proof of roof replacement upon renewal for homes of certain ages

All roofs must be in good condition with no damage or visible signs of leaks to be eligible for coverage with Citizens. In addition, specific age of roof requirements have been implemented. Roof eligibility does NOT apply to HW-4 and HW-6 policies. Please see the underwriting manuals for each line of business for complete details.
Age of Roof Requirements
 Homes over 25 years old with a shingle roof, homes over 50 years old with any other type of roof and mobile homes over 25 years old must have the roof replaced to be eligible for coverage. To assist policyholders, Citizens has created a Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 1108) which may be used to certify the eligibility of the roof. Other acceptable documentation includes a copy of a completed roofing contract or an inspection completed by a licensed roofing contractor, which contains the required information, found on form (CIT RCF-1 1108). If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Underwriter for assistance.

Condo Units (4 floors and over) Each                                                 $120.00
Combination - Windstorm and 4pt                                                       $165.00
Consultations                                                                                         $85.00

Flood Elevation Certifications/ Residential

Residential                                                                                             $190.00

Comercial                                                                                               $290.00

Mold Inspections                                                                                   Call for a quote

Valuation (for Insurance)
Marshall & Swift generated Replacement Cost Valuation                 $350.00 Up to 5000 sq. ft.
                                                                                                                $450  Over 5000 sq. ft.

What is Replacement Cost Valuations?
Replacement Cost Valuations are a calculation of what it would cost to repalce a structure at today's construction costs. A sophisticated computer program by Industry leader Marshall and Swift is used to determine costs based on specific criteria such as; square footage, quality of construction and finishes to determine the cost of reconstructing a structure. 

We perform a physical inspection of the subject property, noting finishes, special features and specific construction characteristics. photographs are taken and a floor plan of the property is prepared and included in the report.

Valuations are different from Appraisals in that they do not consider the value of the land on which a structure is built; and therefore, do not in any way reflect current market value.
Advantages of Replacement Cost Valuations
• Establishes the actual replacement value of your property, so that you are neither under-insured nor over-insured.
• Provides a certified independent record of your property's current condition and a true estimate of it reconstruction cost. 
• Provides you with a dollar amount that assists you and your insurance agent in arriving at adequate coverage. 

Purchase / Home Inspections

Home Inspection (for New Purchase)

Up to 1500 Sq. Ft. (additional $50.00 Windstorm, 4pt & RCC if needed)                      $300.00
Over 1500 Sq. Ft. (additional $50.00 Windstorm, 4pt & RCC if needed)                       $400.00

Over 2500 Sq. Ft. - Call for quote

* Additional $75 (more or less) to include Termite Inspection. If the Termite Inspection is requested as part of the New Purchase Inspection, we hire an economical external company that can perform the Termite Inspection.


Exterior & Grounds

siding and trim, soffit and fascia, flashing, windows & doors, driveways and entrance walkways, grading of the ground around the house


walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors, fireplaces, stairways


oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, range, vent hood, microwave



service equipment, general circuit wiring, distribution panels, disconnect panels, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switches & receptacle outlets, GFCI and AFCI breakers


Heat & AC

air conditioning and heat pump equipment, electrical supply, air handler and furnace equipment, condenser and evaporator coils, condensate drain,supply,return ducting


floor, walls, ceilings, vehicle doors and automatic door openers


roof, wall, and floor structures, foundations, attached structures (porches, decks, etc.)